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Error while rebuilding image., - The system cannot find the file speci


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Hey guys,

I have one of these problems, i searched the forums for help, none worked.

I tried vLiting Windows 7 Enterprise x86 with vLite 1.2....

When i clicked APPLY > "Rebuild" it spat out the error: "Error while rebuilding image., - The system cannot find the file specified"

bout 85% into the progress...

Now the other dude that had the same problem, someone had suggested: run vLIte -unwim

Did that, but still no go, then someone said it may be a problem with Win 7 Enterprise,

So just for testing, i used same vlight settings on a Windows 7 Professional x86 install, it packed up fine, and actually installed fine on my other PC

Will this be fixed anytime soon?

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The problem is not limited to enterprise builds, I just encounted that error with Windows 7 Professional N SP1 (not integrated, shiped).

I performed the same preset on Windows 7 Professional N(.Net Removal), and no errors. Microsoft says Vlite-ing Windows 7 SP1 no problems, lmao they must be taking the escape goat by meaning you can add things to the release - no problem lol, except they don't tell you that what they mean. But Vlite and Windows 7 SP1 are not compatible, Vlite + Windows 7 + SP1 (integrated) is compatible.

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