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AVG 9 silent install


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I try to install AVG Antivirus Free Edition v.9.0 silently.

I use the following command:

start /wait avg_free_stf_en_90_707a1765.exe /hide /DONT_START_APPS /no_welcome /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSurf /REMOVE_FEATURE fea_AVG_SafeSearch /NOAVGTOOLBAR /NO_AVGW_STARTUP /QUIT_IF_INSTALLED.

All well done but at the end of installation run "AVG Optimization Scan".

How to prevent it to run ?

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I found /DISABLE_SCAN Thats meant to do what you want.

More details are in the Network Edition doccumentation here:


Thanks for your post, google spotted it and let me continue to search for some of the command lines you used to discover the rest in a PDF.

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I've never made a switchless installer.. could you point me as to how to make one?

I am thinking this code is the one i want to use

avg_free_stf_en_90_707a1765.exe /hide /DONT_START_APPS /no_welcome /NOAVGTOOLBAR /NO_AVGW_STARTUP /QUIT_IF_INSTALLED /NORESTART

i want it to install when XP installs, and i don't want the tool bar i want safe search, i don't want it to restart after install (as XP needs to finish) and i don't want to see it install (like the progress bar and stuff) is that the proper code?

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I don't know if this can still be of help, but I've found some info here (search "List of AVG Setup Parameters" inside the pdf):


I'm testing the unattended setup for the free version and the best switches seem these:


/PROGRESSONLY shows setup windows with a progress bar (or you can use /HIDE option).

/ADMIN switch to avoid optimization on next restart doesn't work. That process is pretty slow and heavy, but luckly seems an one-time scan. By the way, did anyone manage to disable it?

After the setup, a batch created by me adds saved settings to the registry (HKCU\Software\avg9, HKLM\Software\avg9, HKLM\System\controlset001\avg9*, HKLM\System\currentcontrol\avg9*) and copies backupped Cfg dir inside "All Users\Application Data\Avg9" (you will have to create and save all info from a test installation).

Et voilà, completely silent and customized install :)

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