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HFSLIP 1.7.9 & Drivers & XPSP3 Debug Tools, Etc.


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Hi every one! :hello: These are probably newbie questions :blushing:, but I'm not very sure what to do. I was wondering:

#1 How do I add drivers to HFSLIP to be installed with the OS? What I've checked: HFSlip Advanced Features & Oleg II's Integrating Drivers Is the simple version---> files go in HFEXPERT\DRIVERCAB (A,B, C) or HFEXPERT\SPXCAB (D, E, F) & files must be .inf only (+correct version for system)? so if exe: extract (7zip), look for inf & put in DRIVERCAB or SPXCAB? Did I process that properly?

#2 How/Where do I add programs to HFSLIP to be installed with the OS?

(e.g. Dell Quickset, Sony Notebook System Software, ATI program that comes with the driver, Alps Touchpad mouse program that comes with the driver.... What about antivirus, base security analyzer, live messenger, etc? Is that even possible & if so, where would they go?)

#3 Where do the XPSP3 debug tools + symbols go? (I have dbg_x86_6.11.1.404.msi in HFSVCPACK_SW1 & in HF, the symbols: WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-symbols-full-ENU.exe. Is that correct?)

Just need a little help. Thanks, ~Kei

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:hello: Well, I asked different "tech" people I know & for #s 1 & 2--when asking about HFSlip--they said, "Never heard of it. Use NLite. That's what I used." ~sigh~ For the debugging tools in #3, nobody knew (whether for HFSlip or any other slipstreaming tool). ~shrugs~ I tried.

I really wanted to try out HFSlip for myself because I heard such great things about it.

Can anyone recommend a guide that will answer my original questions? (Maybe I missed them some place.)


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HFSLIP supports various switched and switchless installers vis the HFsvcpack folders. Remember, the intent of hfslip isn't to install programs, it's to install windows. To create silent installers, or to make automated installers, you should visit the msfn's unattended forum. There should be lots of info there on how to generate them.

As far as driverpacks goes, I haven't used them. I've been using oleg's method (drivercab) for quite some time and it works great. I had some tips on how to generate the appropriate hfexpert\drivers & inf files in that thread. Basically I created separate folders inside drivercab (video, sound, etc) and inside each of those folders I had the apprioriate INF and other driver binaries. Hint - when creating your fileset, look for oem1, oem2, oem3....oemx. The oem's list the files and such what you need. I suppose most of that info was from that thread, but if you want to do it manually, load your OS on your target machine, and go through the INF directory. Then pick and place all the binaries into hfexpert\drivercab\....

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Okay! Thanks a bunch tommyp! I think I got it now. Your reminder was very helpful. :blushing: I will give it a go.


Oh ya, but I did ask about programs (in terms of the drivers) because the drivers have a program to install software with them but that doesn't seem to come separately... (like both the driver + software will install at the same time, 1 after the other)

If I went to install the software, I'd be re-installing the driver as well. (If I hit cancel on the 1 part of the install, the whole thing cancels....) Luckily, I can go without the programs (I think) & I believe that if I install something like the notebook system software or quickset out of order, the machine won't put up a fuss.

Again, thanks for your response. ;)

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Well, hfslip can be configured to to automatically do the drivers, if set up properly. If there is accompanying software, then you can do that separately. Most of the time, you do not need to use software provided by the hardware manufacturer. There is a slick program called installrite that I have used. If you get the hang of it, you can really do cool things, like install the software, configure it and then make the installer. Works like a champ. And it can work in svcpack. Personally, I install my programs at the first logon. My silent installers are on my D partition where each installer is called via a cmd file. Total windows install time for me w/all programs is about 15 minutes. The only thing I have to click is which partition I want to install windows on. After that, the next time I touch it, all software is installed.

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