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Problem with Windows INstaller 4.5 and beta s


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Hi friends,

yesterday I built a new ISO with integration of Windows Installer 4.5 with the actual HFSLIP (beta s).

Today I tried installing the MBSA 2.1 (it's an MSI-download). By "starting" the MSI a message appears with says that the installer service is not running or the windows installer is not properly installed. After installing Windows Installer manually I can install MBSA.

I placed the Windows Installer in HFSVCPACK_SW1.

Does anybody have the same problem?


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Hi tommyp,

thanks for answering!!!

The prob see is probably because the system needs a reboot.
??? I installed XP with the integrated Windows Installer 4.5. After installation I couldn't install the MBSA. When should I reboot the System?
Why not slipstream it instead? You can place the installer into the HF directory.
The Update-List from Mupper Hunter says I can put it in HF or HFSVCPACK_SW1 with the remark: To put this hotfix in HF\ you need to put a regfile in HFSVCPACK. But I don't have a reg-file in German so I decided to put it in HFSVCPACK_SW1.

But I will try it with the HF folder! :)

Regards, Mimo

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mserbin - If you're up to the challenge, PM muppet and duke it out. I'd like for someone to maintain it and release it in a timely manner. I can't as I don't have enough time.

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I've got the same problem today by integrating fresh updates into my XP SP3 installation (HFSLIP 1.7.9)

And now I have no idea what update conflicts with MSI :(

Manually reinstalled WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe and nothing.

When trying to install something with .msi extension I'm getting 'The Windows Installer service could not be accessed.'...

Please help.

P.S. WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe is in HF folder for the HFSLIP.

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