Hi, 7Customizer is a tool for creating customizing and deploying Windows 7 installation (both 32bit and 64bit editions). It works on both English and non English installation sources. Follow the development of 7Customizer on Twitter. Click here. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE Since this thread is now sticky it will draw more attention. It will also draw repetitive posts that reports the same problem. Before you post in this thread: Read the first post of this thread(the one you are reading right now) first and then read the visual guide here. Then if you find a problem or bug report it in this thread. 7Customizer is still in development stages and it is still in testing phase. It might not work for you or crash with error. If that happens report it in this thread. Note: This thread is dedicated for debugging and testing and discussing issues related to 7Customizer only. If you need help regarding DISM or regarding a certain problem in a driver you wish to integrate or anything that is not related to 7Customizer , you should post your problem in the appropriate forum. Note: Read about 7Customizer components XML here Table of Content: 1. Functions and features 2. Screen shots 3. Requirements 4. Important notes 5. Other notes 6. Known bugs 7. Reporting bugs 8. Using 7Customizer in XP 9. To do list for current release 10. To do list for future releases 11. Feature that are not likely to be implemented 12. Making a bootable USB with customized Windows 7. 13. Guides 14. License Agreement 15. Version History 1. Functions and features: The functions that are implemented and tested by me and the forum members are: 1. Languages integration (Windows UI language not the setup language) 2. Updates integration 3. Basic unattended installation 4. Driver integration 5. Tweaks 6. Services 7. ISO Creation 8. Presets 9. UAC trigger 10. Clean mount folder 11. Wallpapers integration Implemented but still need testing: 12. Themes integration 13. Windows 7 Enterprise edition support 2. Screen shots 3.Requirements: 1. Windows Vista or Windows 7. (32 bit or 64 bit) 2. WAIK for Windows 7 (here). You could use WAIK in any language (English,German, Italian ,...... etc) 3. Windows installation source. To use 7Customizer just extract the files and start 7customizer.exe 4. Important notes for using 7Customizer: 1. Make sure you have enough free space (at least 5 GB of free space is recommended) in your drive where 7Customizer is located (7Customizer will warn you if the drive does not have sufficient space) 2. It is highly recommended to run the program in a folder that does not have white spaces for example, c:\7Customizer\. 3. It is highly recommended to place your installation source in a directory that does not have white spaces for example, c:\win7. 4. When choosing the path for ImageX and DISM, make sure you choose the same exe architecture (x86 or amd64) as your Windows. eg when using Windows 7 x64 choose the ImageX located in amd64 inside the WAIK installation. 5. Always test the result in a virtual machine first (VirtualBox, VMware player or VirtualPc). 6. It is highly recommended to use 7Customizer on an unmodified (clean,untouched .. etc) windows installation source. 7. It is highly recommended to place 7Customizer in the root folder (e.g D:\7customizer). It is not recommended to place 7Customizer in your home directory folders (e.g. Documents,Desktop,... etc). 5. Other notes: 1. The languages you integrate are not for the setup part. It is for the Windows UI. 2. The keyboard, date ,currency and time zone ,in the unattended part, are not for the setup part. They are used for the user settings after the installation is done. 3. Fill the whole information in the unattended part or the setup will fail. 4. Always integrate drivers that supports Windows 7. Drivers that does not support Windows 7 might not be integrated properly or might not be integrated at all. 5. If you face issues integrating drivers, these issues are related to DISM not 7Customizer. Do not report these issues. I can not help you with that. 6. 7Customizer does not support Windows Server 2008. I am not planning to support it. However, if I plan to support it, it will be after finishing 7customizer. 7. When removing components, the resulting ISO's size might not decrease. However the installation size of Windows 7 will decrease. 6. Known bugs 1. 7Customizer sometimes fails to read the images information correctly (This is related to using 7Customizer on a modified installation source)(This issue is still not solved, if you still face this problem attach your log.zip). 2. When selecting updates 7Customizer, some time you will be able to select one update only. If you select more than one update 7Customizer will crash.(This issue is solved in 0.4.4 but it is still not tested). 7. Reporting bugs Before you report a bug make sure you read the requirements and important notes and known bugs. When you report a bug please provide the following info: You must post the log file (log.zip) created by 7Customizer. This will help track the problem. The log file is inside the work folder. 1. Any information that you think it is useful 2. Screen-shot 3. When posting your autounattend.xml do not forget to remove your product key. 4. All the information ,screen-shot ...etc should be in ENGLISH. 8. Using 7Customizer in XP Note: I have tested 7Customizer in Windows XP. It did not work well. 7Customizer is developed and tested in Windows vista or 7. I will not test nor support 7Customizer under XP because WAIK for 7 does not support XP (This is from Microsoft). However to use 7Customizer in XP you will need two tools: DISM and ImageX. 1. To get dism in xp, jaclaz has posted a link to install dism on XP (it is in the first page of this thread). 2. To get ImageX in xp, download and install WAIK for Vista. You could also Google for this and you might find an easier way. 9. To do list for 0.5.x release Removing components. Add more components to be removed. Fix any pending issues that were reported by the users. Update the visual guide. 10. To do list for future releases:(in no particular order) Make a setup for 7Customizer Select default wallpaper remove themes and wallpapers from the list Command line interface Adding applications Join workgroup/domain A list of last selected installation sources An option to set the Users folder location, program files locations and other folders. Check if 7Customizer can be supported under XP. Check whether the start orb could be replaced or not. uxtheme patch. OEM branding. integrate icons. 11. Feature that are not likely to be implemented Progress bar instead of the command line progress (not likely because the whole execution is done through the command line) Partition disk (not likely to be implemented) Burn ISO to DVD(not likely because they are lots of programs that burn iso to DVD) When saving the image, include all the editions (Rebuild all as in vlite or stefanRTR's win integrator) Integrating languages in the setup part. (It is really unnecessary). 12. Making a bootable USB with customized Windows 7 To make a USB from the customized Windows 7, use WinToFlash (Click here) . To make a bootable USB, it requires an empty flash drive (If you have files in the flash drive, WinToFlash will erase them). Start the wizard in WinToFlash and give it the directory where the customized Windows is located and the flash drive directory and click Next. It will do its job, when it finishes you will have a bootable USB flash drive with your customized Windows 7. 13. Guides English Visual Guide click here . German guide click here (by beatmaster). Japanese guide click here (by DH.Omega). French guide click here (by myselfidem). Italian guide click here (by ascatem) Swedish guide click here (by grabben) Spanish guide Click here 14. License Agreement: (blah blah blah) 7Customizer is a freeware tool. You could use it only for any personal non-commercial purposes. 15. Version History: ===v0.5.0 Beta 1=== 18 March 2011 Added: Components removal. Added: 7Customizer will create a log.zip file that will contain all the info I need to fix the issues. So if you face a problem attach the log.zip. Updated: 7Customizer requires .net framework 3.0. That means it will run directly in Windows Vista. Note: 7Customizer 0.5 is a beta release. I am releasing it to show you how I am implementing "components removal" using components.xml which I will write a post about it. ===v0.5.0a=== 6 October 2011 Update: Fixed an issue reported by justibus where the file in the components.bat are not surrounded by quotes. ===v0.5.0b=== 6 November 2011 Update: Fixed an issue reported by justibus where the components tree wasn't build correctly. Added: More components submitted by justibus. ===v0.5.0c=== 9 November 2011 Added: An option to disable verifying deletion of files, which drastically reduces the amount of time to build the customized image. Added: More components submitted by justibus. 7Customizer_0.5.0b was downloaded 75 times 7Customizer_0.5.0a was downloaded 785times 7Customizer_0.5.0 was downloaded 3675 times Regards 7Customizer_0.4.4.rar 7Customizer_0.5.0c.rar 7customizer changelog.txt