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Bug with windows 2000 professional


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Hello People. Since the first beta of version 1.7.9 of HFSLIP I'm facing a problem that can not find solution.

Problem that occurs, and that after logging in, explorer.exe crash, does not appear taskbar and icons in desktop.

No apparent errors occur the execution of HFSLIP, however during the installation of windows 2000 professional, I find an error as the screen below.


The normal would be this:


A color of bar on top of window and text decription change a several times during instalation.

It's related to explorer.exe crash reported above?

Can anyone help me? :whistle:

Attached my log HFSLIP.


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You would see that problem if you have IE6 hotfixes+IE6 cabs+fdv's fileset, which was what you did. From FDV's site, you have a choice for different IE's. You should not mix and match what you want to do.

a) keep ie5 (use ie5 hotfixes)

B) ie6 slipstream (use ie6 hotfixes *and* ie6 cabs)

c) kill ie (use ie5 hotfixes and fdvfiles)

On a sidenote, you do realize that explorer.exe has been replaced by a hotfix. Are you really sure you want to use hfexpert to replace it?

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The problem is that I wanted to try to remove IE5, but gave up, I decided to upgrade IE6SP1 so I have nothing in the folder FDV. Sorry for the confusion and my attention fault. :blushing:

As hfexpert the folder, but the explorer.exe that there is to replace the original windows, this is a modified version by me. :whistle:

My attempt to use FDV Fileset was to use the UNIATA driver, but including it manually in TXTSETUP.SIF

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