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Xubuntu Live USB boot with UNetbootin?


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I'm attempting to create an USB version of a Xubuntu Live cd to install on an old PC of mine, but I'm getting some issues after creating it with the UNetbootin-3.72 Windows version. I believe it uses a distribution of Syslinux to create bootable USB drives, because I saw a "Syslinux 3.72" flash by when I successfully created a Linux Puppy Live usb.

Before anyone asks, I already attempted the "apt-get install usb-creator" command from inside the Xubuntu-9.04 desktop cd (Intel) on my modern PC running WinVista. It asked for additional libraries, but I didn't have any way of downloading them.

Here's the problem: Using UNetbootin for Windows, I tried creating a Xubuntu Live usb using the same method that worked for Puppy, but after the Xubuntu splash/load screen finishes I get these messages:

Several lines of this...

[Some Numerals] device descriptor read/64, error -110

Several lines of this...

[Some Numerals] sd 2:0:0:0: rejecting I/O to offline device

Several lines of this...

[Some Numerals] SQUASHFS errors: unable to read (page/fragment cache block)

It finally leaves me off at the command prompt. Any ideas as to what went wrong?

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Opening the Xubuntu iso with WinRAR, I can see the largest subdirectory in the disc is the "casper" folder, and it contains a "filesystem.squashfs" file. Is this the source of the "SQUASHFS" errors I received?

I'm looking for a generic way to make any bootable cd/dvd, bootable through an usb drive. Without the need of loading "iso" files, they are usually to large to run in the

RAM of the PC I'm using.

So after extracting/copying a bootable cd/dvd's contents, is there a generic way to make the extracted/copied files bootable on an usb drive, without using "grub4dos"?


Does anyone know of a specific method to make this paricular Linux (Xubuntu) bootable through an USB drive?

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I would imagine Xubuntu like Ubuntu has USB Startup Disk Creator in System -> Admin. Can you try that option?

I can't seem to find Admin options. Does it have to be installed to a HD for the USB creator to work?

I've only run the Live Cd on my modern PC...


I ended up installing it to a separate HD, and found out that there is no USB creator utility for Xubuntu. Currently it's only available for Ubuntu, but I attempted to install it anyways. What I got was an error regarding a Syslinux dependency not being possible to install. After further Googling of Linux Live USB options, I found on a couple Linux forums a recommendation for the Linux version of UNetbootin...

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Anyone here know of a version similar ease of use to uBuntu but that will fit on a 512mb USB stick.....I've tried UNetbootin and am really liking what it offers except all the linux versions I've found have been too large?<br /><br />Many thanks

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