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Mouse Cursor issues

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I just downloaded XPize version 5.6 and so far i love it except for one major MAJOR issue. the XPize mouse cursor theme looks awesome but I cannot see it due to the XP original theme's LOADING cursor being projected over the XPize cursor. You could imagine my frustration! I had to re-set the cursor to the windows default, which kills the awesomeness of XPize completely...

I am running Windows XP on my Windows 7 RC through virtualization in "XP mode." If this has anything to do with the cursor issue, let me know.

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This is to do with XP Mode, which is actually a modified instance of VirtualPC 2007 combined with Remote Desktop. The virtual display in XP Mode is actually an RDP session and not the output of the emulated S3 Trio64 graphics chipset in VirtualPC (which is why VirtualPC in Windows 7 can run Aero Glass/DWM, as well as to provide Application Publishing).

One quirk with using RDP for this is that the cursor becomes the responsibility of several discrete components of the system: typically the RDP client draws the cursor because waiting for updates from the server would take too long, but the RDP client defers cursor rendering to the server if the cursor is 32-bits (and not a 256-color cursor as the Windows XP cursors are), and often the RDP client doesn't hide the client computer's cursor.

I'm afraid there is no solution to get the Fedora Inverse cursors working under XP Mode on Windows 7. I don't personally use that cursor scheme myself anyway (I use "Windows Standard Black").

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