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Windows XP OEM & Pre Activation


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Will this help? (the SLP method is the third one, which I was referring to. The second method is the one Ponch refers to. Having to activate is the first method no matter what.).


You have no other alternative if this is not a large OEM (i.e. SLP, method three) install but method 2 (suggested by Ponch, after the last activation) or method 1 (activate it). Method 1 is what you continue to do and it may cease to activate (i.e. too many times). Method 1 will only work (do a search on how-to) on the exact same PC with the exact same hardware (kind of like a "clean recovery install").

No other way about it from what you have described. And the description you provide does not appear to be a Recovery CD per-se (does it put the PC into a first-loaded state as in Big OEM's?) but simply a "copy" of the OEM System Builder CD; the "key" is your own for your installation only. I had the same situation with a neighbor except they lost (or wasn't given) the Installation CD so I had to get their "key" and "over-the-top" reinstall/reactivate from my personal backup copy. (Neighbor PC built by a reputable local shop, BTW). And, yes I slipped SP3 (kids and viruses; gotta love the kids browsing the web for "games")...

edit - I personally have never tried the Method 2; good luck...

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Does anybody knows how i can pre activate windows?


Can i make windows preactivated with the CD i have? If yes how i can do this?


I want to slipstream Service Pack 3 and make my new disk preactivated. Do you know if i can do this?


Can i make a new disk from the CD i have and make it preactivated?

Do you have the feeling of being misunderstood ? :huh:

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Friend Ponch,

What have you misunderstood? In every reply i try to explain very simple what i want to do if this is possible. If you haven't understand something just tell me and i would try to explain it with more details. if i wrote something that does not apear to be correct i am sorry but i am not an expert! I try for the best.

The information i gave for the CD i have is exactly as it is written on the CD.

If i use method 1 how many times i can activate windows? I have tried method 2 but i don't think it works for me.

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If you have a valid system builder OEM product key, you can create a slipstream installation with SP3 integrated into your system builder OEM installation CD. I have personally never had any luck creating a (legally) preactivated CD from this particular type of media.

Based on personal experience, you can probably activate a valid, legitimate system builder OEM product key twice online before needing to call in for activation. The third time, you will probably have to talk to a live person, BUT as long as you explain that you have not changed the motherboard, and are just doing a clean installation of Windows because your hard drive was too gunked up, you will probably be allowed to activate Windows again. This whole activation process on the phone will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes.

Then, after you've activated Windows, use some sort of imaging software to create an image of your Windows partition. If you ever need to reinstall Windows, just restore this image, and you've restored to a clean, activated Windows installation.

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