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Having difficulty capturing image to server share


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I've been trying to wrap my head around imagex and it seems so simple in concept but for some reason, I'm having the hardest time understanding how to capture an image with it.

there's some concept it seems with the capturing process that the windows AIK help file documenting how to use imagex and all of the online how to's I've read seem like they're almost assuming that I know how to do something important that I'm not. I'm missing out on some concept that I feel is just absent from these tutorials.

Here's where I'm at.

I've got a laptop I've installed and customized vista on and sysprepped.

I've used AIK to build a winPE disk with imagex and a generic config file for file exclusions and I can boot that disk into winpe, browse the disk and see image x.

I'm trying to run the command they give to capture the image but it doesn't seem to be working.

Now... here's where I'm confused. They say to run the command prompt for imagex on the technician computer (which is my main computer with windows AIK installed on it) but how am I supposed to capture an image of the laptop sitting next to me on the desk if I'm opening up imagex on my main "technician" computer???

also worth mentioning is that I've got the laptop hooked into a switch that an image server is attached to. I've tried running Net use m: \\servername\images$ (where the images are stored on C:\images$ on the server's hdd) and I get the error "the network name cannot be found"

It's part of a workgroup called "pcconfig" so I tried Net use m: \\pcconfig\servername\images$ and it says "the network path cannot be found"

Is there some big picture concept that I'm missing here?? Please help!

Oh, Also worth nothing is that I can boot up norton ghost and capture or load images from that same images$ share so I know there's nothing wrong with the hardware.

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Not trying to promote my own work, and you may have read so we will use it for and basis of the discussion since it is right here on the forum. http://www.msfn.org/board/guide-creating-w...p;view=findpost Though it was initially written for capturing XP systems it works the same for Vista.

If you followed through the basics to step 14 on page seven you should now have an ISO burn it to a CD.

Now boot your reference machine (the vista machine you want an image of) from that CD.

On that machine verify you have network connectivity, ipconfig is all you need to run and see that you have a network address. If you don't you'll need to install the network drivers, page 8.

Check to see that you can see the hard drive, simple dir c: will work, if no,t again see page 8 and install the mass storage controller drivers.

Now go to page 10, capture to a network file share. Map a drive letter to your file server, net use i: \\myserver\fileshare

now use imagex (which is on the cd if you followed the instructions through step 14, and capture your image to I:, as described in step 6 on page 10.

Similar steps are on page 14 to restore or deploy the image to the target machine.

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