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[?] get use of your old mobile


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Hi all,

I have Motorola Razr v8 that dropped down in the water and I tried to get it fixed but I didn't. I already get a new one, however I wonder If there is any way that I can get use of my old mobile (I do not wanna to sell it, I am looking for utilize it in any way)

btw, the mobile now is not responding to any thing and it is OFF.

looking forward to hear from all of you.

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put it in a container of rice to draw all the moisture out of the inside and that might revive it

ive kept my old SLVR in my desk drawer "just in case" my Samsung Epix decides to to belly up one day. I cant think of any other use for it besides keeping it charged in your glovebox for emergency 911 calls (all phones in the US can call 911 even if they arent on a plan)

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all phones in the US can call 911 even if they arent on a plan
Same in Canada. It makes you wonder why we even have 911 fees on our bills... :rolleyes:

I have two spare phones that I keep around just in case... An old Nokia 8390 and a Motorola RAZR v3i. I sometimes use the RAZR with a prepaid SIM when I visit a place where I'll know I'll be making a lot of calls, but now that I've got 1000 Canadian long distance minutes on my iPhone 3GS' plan, there isn't much of a need for it (unless I visit the US!).

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