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A little problem with the Win 7 Installation


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Hey guys I`ve a little situation here.I had download the windows 7 RC and today installed it over my xp.Now the XP`s boot.ini and ntldr are on different partition (C:) than the windows xp installation (F:).I tried installing the Windows 7 onto C: which went very smoothly but I`m unable to switch to Windows 7 at the boot and I`m directly taken to Windows xp by default.I dont mind loosing Xp for Windows 7 so please suggest a way so that I can remove xp or atleast have a choice to choose Win 7 at the boot.

Help very much needed.Help very much appreciated.


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Are you getting the "earlier version of windows" OS selection choice during boot? That would be the W7 bootloader. boot.ini and ntldr are ignored at this stage. If it's going straight to XP without that screen try mucking about with EasyBCD(requires .NET Framework 2.0).

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