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How do I manually start the "New User wizard"


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Hi guys,

does anyone of you know how I can manually start the New User Wizard that usually comes up at the end of a Windows 7 installation ? I would like to start that manually at the end of my unattended installation (but later, after WPI has run ...)



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I just super wrecked my pc trying to find an answer for you. Let's just thank the stars I have a home server....

x:\Windows\System32\sysprep /oobe will reboot and show wizard. It's slightly different than the one we usually see.

It kept everything intact except for everything stored in user folder. Programs intact also.

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Hi Razormoon,

thanks and sorry for making you wreck your PC :-)

I will try this soon.


mhh, seems like sysprep /oobe will not reboot but shutdown the PC. Which is bad for an unattended installation.

Other than that, it worked and the wizard appeared.


Ok, sysprep /oobe /reboot seems to work better :-)



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