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Backup printer drivers


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I'm getting ready to roll out 200+ computers, and i was wondering how to backup the printer drivers on a xp machine.

I don't want to backup all the printer drivers, i would like to be able to select the printer drivers that are installed on the computer.

any advice would be nice

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use printmig:


has a GUI and will also operate with command line switches

unfortunately it likes to backup everything to the cab file so sometimes the file sizes are bigger than the actual driver you are trying to install

easiest way to do this is take a clean machine with no printers installed, install the printer & backup the printer config to a cab

then from command line execute 'printmig.exe -r nameofcab.cab' on each of the machines you want that printer on.

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Ive resorted to using virtualbox to create the .cab for printmig in my stripped down XP and its actually quite easy.

In the past, i have built NSIS installers for single printers before using this as an starting point


that tut is for making a installer for several printers but it can be easily customized to make an installer for an individual printer.

our environment changes to often for me to build an installer everytime we change make/model/IP of a printer so i dont do that anymore but it sounds like thats more what you are looking for.

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unfortunately i don't have all the install disks for the computers, (just started this job) so i would need to run a utility on the "old" machine that backs up the printer drivers, then when i give them the new pc, i can use the same utility to restore the drivers.

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