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some updates unable to integrate with nlite

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i cant integrate these 3 hotfixes into xp with nlite is there a addon for them...




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firstly i have every update i need so dont need an update pack

and the wgaplugin installer probably wouldnt be in there anyway

i have decided not to add kb890830 as it gets updated monthly anyway and after a month it is out of date

WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB973354-x64-ENU.exe i have just noticed(reading my post) is x64 so incompatible as i run 32bit so have got the correct file and should work now

and will be making wgaplugininstall into an addon and see if that works

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WGA_addon youcan find here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6908

It only adds the plugin and a reg_entry for WGAN (so that WU don't ask for)

As for KB890830 if you read the link I provided in the previous post

you'd notice it isn't in the pack (there's only the reg_entry for WU)

The WGAplugin is however also in the aforementioned updatepack.

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im not looking for wga_addon as i already have that file from that forum this is a plugin for firefox

and kb890830 ... i dont understand... in that link it shows its in the pack ?? and i dont want a pack since i have everything else

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In Win XP the WU update plugin (WGAcheck) only works with Internet Explorer.

MS never provided a plugin replacing the ActiveX for this.

Quote"1.07: updated Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool Key to v2.13"

Only the key is in the pack. I use it and also verified.

I know you don't want the pack but the forum is read by others interested in the topic.

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