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Speaking of Kludges ...


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Hello, my name is Kludge, and I’m new to this part of the woods. Like Earth, I’m considered mostly harmless but some might add that this is true only after I’ve done my meds. They are, of course, just jealous because my meds are better than theirs. :-)

Anyway, I do have some amusing problems with a small forest of older laptops & tablets I seem to have accumulated over time – five Panasonic CF-25s, four CF-27s, and one each Fujitsu C-340, Stylistic 3400 and LT C500. I think there are one or two others but I can’t remember. The Panasonics will be kitbashed to give me two each operational CF-25s and CF-27s and what’s left over will be made operational if possible, though they’re not really needed for anything beyond getting the good ones to work.

Without getting into the progression of how I got where I am (which is long, convoluted and pretty much irrational, also a good description of my life), it all comes down to this: I want to be able to build minimalistic versions of Win95 OSR2 (if I can’t get the Win95 drivers to work under Win98), Win98SE and Win2k with everything excess stripped out, including unnecessary drivers, and the manufacturers’ drivers added – after which I’ll do the WPI thing to load the apps I want which are also minimal. The specifics related to all this will go into the appropriate topics. I just wanted to give fair warning in case anyone feels the need to be elsewhere … you know, an alternate reality (which, come to think of it, this might be) … a different solar system ... a different galaxy … another universe. The usual.

Now wasn’t that about as much fun as a tooth extraction?

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The Earth is indeed mostly harmless, except when it decides to rip up streets! I can thank Canada for sending us those awesome thunderstorms! :lol:


Well, we had a hurricane headed this way (Felicia) that wound up a tropical depression by the time it got here which was rather disappointing. I was hoping it would at least make a decent monsoon like we get over Winter.

I was born in Buffalo but only lived there five years. But even in Pittsburgh, we got used Canadian air that had picked up some wettage crossing Lake Erie then hung onto a lot of it until it hit the Ohio River Valley and ran into air coming up from the Gulf. Such fun we had!

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hello,..welcome to msfn,..See you around!!!

Why, thank you, Jess. I'm gathering my thought (singular - I don't multiprocess well. :} ) as to how to approach this without duplicating effort from previous topics which is always an amusing undertaking. On the other hand, I'm learning a lot about how things are done as well as about the people here so I guess that's good. I hope.

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Hi Kludge,

First off... Welcome!

Before you do any further posting, please take a moment to review our forum rules, specifically:

11. Do not use CAPITALIZATIONS in the topic title or when participating in threads because they will not attract attention - instead it will annoy many of MSFN's members. Using unnecessary font formatting (i.e., bold font, increased font sizes, colored fonts, etc.) on the full body of posts is also discouraged.
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