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[Help] cmd line to install LDR/QFE branch of a .MSU Hotfix

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Need info on Windows 7 hotfixes:

Wondering if there is a commandline (like XP hotfixes) that will tell the .msu hotfix to install the LDR (or QFE) branch version of the files...and what about when integrating updates with WAIK, can it be instructed there also?

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You can install the LDR branch onto a Vista (or Win7) machine via the following commands:

1. Open an administrative cmd prompt

2. create a folder for the expanded MSU, as well as a folder for the expanded CAB file, and then type the following commands:

  • C:\> Expand -f:* "<full path of .msu file> <expanded MSU folder>
  • C:\> Expand -f:* <full path of extracted kb article # .cab file> <expanded CAB folder>
  • C:\> pkgmgr /ip /m:<expanded CAB folder>\update-bf.mum

Note that you could install packages via pkgmgr to an offline installation as well, although I've not tried it. However, since pkgmgr supports both online and offline packaging, this should work - I do not know if you can use the WAIK to do this, however.

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it doesn't work for me. I've tried it out and trusted installer fails.

2009-08-11 23:29:57, Error				 CBS	Exec: Missing file for package: Package_for_KB971557_BF~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~, file: msrle32.dll, source: \\?\D:\Daten\Temp\avi\x86_microsoft-windows-video-for-windows_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6001.22447_none_9297557ea1f9cc4d\msrle32.dll.  hr: 0x800f081f
2009-08-11 23:29:57, Info CSI 00000089@2009/8/11:21:29:57.798 CSI Transaction @0x2d48a8 destroyed
2009-08-11 23:29:57, Error CBS Failed to pre- stage package: Package_for_KB971557_BF~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~

this is the output of the cbs.log. When you do this DPX is not called to generate the files from the patches shipped with the update and so the installation fails.

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if i've understood correctly, you want integrate update into a .wim ? if i'm right use this command:

DISM.exe /Image:F:\7Work\mount /Add-Package /PackagePath:F:\7Work\update

mount folder-> where your .wim is mounted

update-> where is all your .msu or .cab

with this command you can integrate all update / LP in 1 time

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no, the wants to install the LDR/QFE VErsion of a Update.

Official Updates come with 2 version of a file. A GDR, which fixes the (security) update and this version is stable and well tested. There is also a LDR version. This version includes hotfixes from earlier KBs and the fixes from the LDR branch. When you install an update, the installer looks if you have a hotfix for the updated files installed. If such a hotfix was found, the LDQ version is installed. If you only have GDR updates installed, you'll get the GDR files from the update.

Now, ricktendo64 always wants the LDR version to be installed, no matter if he had a hotfix installed or not.

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ok, I found a way to get it working cluberti.

You have to install the Update first so that the new files are being generated and placed inside the WinSxS folder. The installer will now instal the GDR version. When you now install the update-bf.mum the trustedinstaller will install the LDR version. So you have to do 2 steps.

I've tested this on Vista and Win7 (RTM) and it works.

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