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Vista Codec Issues


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So my new job started. The company provided me with a computer with a Windows Server 2008 operating system and they told me I should watch some Live Meeting recorded instructions and demonstrations about how the system works that I will be working on.

Live Meeting, in case you don’t know, has a very cool feature where you can record a power point and video demonstration and play it back later. The problem is that the video part does not work for a 64 bit operating system like Windows Server 2008. An error prompts you to download an MSA1 codec.

After a few attempts to solve the problem, I asked the administrative assistant for a second computer which she gave me. But it turns out the only one I got was one with a Vista 64 bit operating system and I found I still had the same problem with the new computer.

I have a 32 bit Vista operating system computer at home so I took the files home to see if I could run the Live Meeting recordings there. To my shock, I got the same error.

That is the problem I have. Now here are my questions. Where in the world do I get the codec for MSA1? How do I install delete this linefile on my computer? Surely there must be some sort of work-around for the computers with the 64 bit operating system. What are these work-arounds? I have searched the internet and I have yet to find a solution.

What fun!


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If they will let you install other programs on the Laptop, install VLC Media Player from


That plays everything and adds all its own codecs and runs fine in 64 or 32 bit OS

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