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{MAKEDIR} failed and don't know why.

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Using WPI 7.6.0 and a {MAKEDIR} failed. The error I got was:

*** Fail *** (returned code undefined): {MAKEDIR}"C:\Documents and Settings\John\Application Data\Thunderbird"
I copied the command from the log file, pasted it into a command prompt, changed the {MAKEDIR} to md and it worked. I am running XP x64. Thanks for your help. Enjoy, John. Edited by johnhc
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mritter, that is the exact text and I don't remember deleting the space, but I just tried it again and it works fine. The space was there, I just added my path and all is OK. Thanks, John.

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Kelsenellenelvian and mritter, I think I understand how I did this. I selected MakeDir, then selected another command to copy the path. When I went back to the {MAKEDIR} command line, the blank after {MAKEDIR} was gone. I will pay more attention. Sorry about that ghost. Enjoy, and thanks, John.

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