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WPI 7.8.0 Feature requests.

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Hi again,

I would like to request two new global options in wpi:

1. optionally stop running the rest of the commands if a failure was encountered

(ex. "1")

2. optionally execute the following command if a failure was encountered

(ex. "cmd /c c:\some\path\to\exe parameter1 parameter2")

Thank you very much.

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Could the CreateSthortcut JSCRIPT be modified to allow placing of shortcuts within a folder on the desktop?

I tend to copy software that needs manual installation to %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Software and create .lnk files to them and place the .lnk files in "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\Manual Install". The current JSCRIPT only places the shortcuts in "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop"

As a work around I'm moving the shortcuts.

Best Holiday Season Wishes!


...no need to worry about my prior request about a CHANGEDIR command, I've worked my way around this, and now know what I should have been doing! :blushing:

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I would like to request a new feature.

I have a program that returns an exit code of 3010 to indicate a reboot is required.

I would like wpi to automatically reboot the system and then re-run the same command until the exit code is 0, and then continue on to the next command.

In this way, I can re-use the same command as it may behave differently on each machine I run wpi on.

Thank you.

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the wpi log file indicates the exit code of each command, so i don't see that as an issue.

i would imagine two additional program settings:



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Hello, this is mba2048.

I have a great idea.

Let's say we are installing a Program, that uses different AutoIT for different Operating Systems, and x32 and x64.

Can you add a way to execute different commands for the program depending on the operating system or architecture?

For example:

Norton Ghost, etc

Command1: setup.exe /s

Command2: if windows vista autoitvista.exe

command3: if windows xp autoitxp.exe

Basiclly, to execute a command only if the condition is met.

Otherwise, you have to create another item in the menu for each program, and create a dependency for each operating system.

Thank you,


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Yes, I did read the entire Manual.

Let me explain better.

Instead of having 6 Different Internet Explorer 8 Program installations ( each, with a condition that must be met according with getArch() and getOSver(), etc)

Add a way to have only 1, program installation

and 6 different commands, and the command will execute only if the condition is met. This way you have only 1 program, and multiple ways of installation.

New Feature Request: A way for a command to be executed if it meets a condition


Internet Explorer 8

Condition getOSver() == "XP" Run: msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\Install\required\IE8\IE8-Setup-Full XP EN.msi" /qb

Condition getOSver() == "Vista" Run: msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\Install\required\IE8\IE8-Setup-Vista.msi" /qb

Condition getOSver() == "Win7" Run: msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\Install\required\IE8\IE8-Setup-Win7.msi" /qb


Only one command would execute because only 1 would meet a condition, and there is only 1 program for Internet Explorer with multiple commands, instead of multiple programs with a single command

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I never thought of it that way. I did some quick tests and it can be done:

{JSCRIPT}=if (getOSver()=="XP") msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\Install\required\IE8\IE8-Setup-Full XP EN.msi" /qb

{JSCRIPT}=if (getOSver()=="Win7") msiexec.exe /i "%wpipath%\Install\required\IE8\IE8-Setup-Win7.msi" /qb

You may have to do some tweaking with the quotes. All I did for a test was:

{JSCRIPT}=if (getOSver()=="XP") alert("XP!")

You can call any JavaScript or WPI functions with {JSCRIPT}. Be careful with it.

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Hay i m back I want littel more help 4m u. :blushing:

[1.] i want move Shortcut link of

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner\CCleaner.lnk


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\_ System\_ Tweaking & Tuning\CCleaner.lnk

delete folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner

in install list have many programm. so i dont want batch file for each.

[2.] I want Sub Category in WPI. Wat i Do. :hello:

If u can with example it will better understand. (PLZ) ;)

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OK I will try to sludge through this one as simply as possible:

For the first one you will have to {DELETE} the .lnk file, Then you will have to use the shortcut jscript to make a new one.

{DELETE} "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner\CCleaner.lnk"

{JSCRIPT}=CreateShortcut("ccleaner","%programfiles%\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe","","%programfiles"\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe","","Programs","_ System\_ Tweaking & Tuning")

THEN you will use a {deldir} to clean up the old locations...

{DELDIR} "%allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner"

YES, You will have to do this for each entry :(

#2?? Been on mritters desk for awhile now. We ALL want it but some of the logistics are kinda nasty. So it will come in a future version.

When? I cannot say but a donation to mritter may help his, ummmmm energy level...

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