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Vista Complete (?) service pack integration


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Hello and thanks for reading.

My question regards if its possible to completely integrate Vista SP1 into an OEM DVD? (i'll clarify)

Ive searched the internet regarding this but ive only been able to find the vLite method where you choose a version to integrate your SP1 and possible other modifications, now i dont want this at all. i want a Vista SP1 DVD where you can choose any version you want to install! and not make 6-8(x86/x64) diffrent DVD's just because of this limitation.

it must be possible to do this, microsoft even supplies these disks and ISO's(from technet/msdn)

so is this possible to do ?

Where SP1 would be integrated for all versions on the Installation DVD and you would be able to pick all the versions on the dvd and install them with just 1 dvd?

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Yes - although it's not as easy as you'd probably like. If you have an RTM Vista disc, you'd have to install each version you wanted to have on the new media separately (probably do this in a VM easily), boot to audit mode, install SP1, and sysprep. Then, imagex each install to it's own WIM file, then use imagex /export on each sysprep'ed WIM to a new, single WIM.

It's how these get made. You can read a bit about it here.

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