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need help on installing sound card drivers


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well after talking with creative for a week

they finnaly gave me the hole cd for the sound blaster 5.1 sb0680

and then i go to set up and says this

your version of windows operating system is not supported by this product . please

upgrade to windows 98 second edition or later versions before resuming


i got windows ME ver 4.90.3000

would you guys know why its doing this ?

thanks for your time

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ok one more thing

i tryed installing it with kenelex with windows 98se compatibitly mode on

its installs and every thing and then you restart and it just uses the old drivers

and all the apps install but have probloms like :error when analizying file creative mixer will close now and stuff like that

at first i made the sound card work by telling windows to install drivers from the cds folder and it install by it self

but i want the apps to work

i tryed deleting the files windows installed but when i tell it to remove in device manager it comes back next reboot and this may be why the drivers and apps wont install like they should and wont install right in kenalex so how can i delete the drivers and make sure they dont come back

in creative labs diagnostics says it dectecs hard ware but says all drivers not installed

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