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Motherboards that work with Windows 2000

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The Windows 98 group has a list of modern boards that work with 98, So I thought we should start one for 2000. The driver issue has started, but is not insurmountable at the start of this thread. I will post my experience with a new MB in the next post.

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ASUS M3N72-D motherboard

Windows 2000

The DVD supplied with the board will come up saying it does not support NT5.0 (Windows 2000).

However, you can use Windows Explorer and get the on board stuff to work. I had to try a few different times to get there, but it will work. Here is the what I did:

1.) Install Windows 2000

2.) Use Windows Explorer to get to the DVD. Now go into Drivers\Audio\driver then double click setup.exe. This will start the wizard, then when it gets to the discovered hardware, I canceled. Then on the reboot, when it comes up with discovered new hardware, go ahead click next. However, choose the option to select from a list, then select the Realtek and the one option it will show. That will get the sound working.

3.) Now get to Drivers\Chipset\1524_XP32\Display then double click setup.exe. If I remember correctly ( I didn't take good enough notes.) there are several options presented as to what to install. If I am correct, only install the video drivers.

4.) After the reboot, go to Drivers\Chipset\1524_XP32 and double click setup.exe. This setup will have several options. Only select the Ethernet to install and let it search the CD/DVD for the files needed. (I wished that I had taken better notes. You may have to install the 2 bus drivers, but I don't remember for sure. So don't do it unless your ethernet doesn't work.)

I had to re-install the OS several times to get it all to work. It appears that the trick is to use the Realtek and NVidia drivers and not let the ASUS setup programs have any thing to do with it.

Hardware specs:

ASUS M3N72-D motherboard with 3 gig ram, junk drives I had laying around.

AMD Sempron 1250 a single core 45 Watt processor

I built this system to be mothballed. I want to use Win2K until I am either done working or I can't get hardware to work with it. I have moved almost entirely to Linux, but have software that requires Windows. So, I figured I had better build before hardware became to big of an issue. This system is going to be put up and drug out when my current desktop croaks (which I don't anticipate to be any time soon).

A side note, Intel's D945GCLF motherboard with 1 gig ram and the single core Atom Processor appears to work with Win2K. I haven't tested much, just got it to install and was able to install the drivers. I may play with it a bit before it gets set up as a penquin server. If I do, I will post an update.

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This is so redundant topic.

It would be easier to list motherboards that do NOT work with Windows 2000 (which I haven't seen yet).

If it work with XP it must work with W2K.

The only problem might be with some proprietary crap (say making Asus EEE to run W2K - that's probably a challenge).

See bpalone, I never allow those autorun "installers" found on drivers CDs to install anything, hence I would have never had or never knew about the "problem" you've described. I always click "cancel" and install what I need from the CD manually, like you did in the end to overcome the "problem" ;)

(FWIW I seldom use those CDs, usually I download latest/updated drivers straight from manufacturer's site...)

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The only problem might be with some proprietary crap (say making Asus EEE to run W2K - that's probably a challenge).

My guess is that since (with several tricks/tweaks) EVEN Win 98 can be run on the EEEpc:


making 2K running on it shouldn't be much complex ;).

The only problem appears to be the webcam on some models:


The 70x's have a working solutions, whilst the 90x's seem like not.


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Intel DX48BT2 (it's also called BOXDX48BT2). I can't say it was easy, but I have it working. Here's a post where I describe what I went through to get both cores working (E8600 Core 2 Duo CPU):


Win2k Pro works, I can't speak for Win2k server.

For reference, in case it helps:

Motherboard: Intel BOXDX48BT2

CPU: Intel E8600 3.33GHz Core 2 Duo

OS: Windows 2000 Professional (installed with SP4 slipstreamed)

RAM: Crucial 4Gb (2 2Gb DDR3 Ballistix PC3 - 10600 CL6, 1.8V - BL2KIT25664BA1336)

Video: ATI X1800XT 512Mb (Using www.omegadrivers.net XP/2K driver 4.8.442). ATI XP/2K driver link

Getting sound working was tricky. Scroll up to post 291 for a link to the sound driver that worked for me.

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I feel it's way too early to find mobos not working with W2k.

I've just received one with an Ich10r. Intel doesn't give any Ahci nor Raid driver for W2k, but the Ich10r works perfectly without any added driver provided you choose "IDE mode" in the Bios.

By "works perfectly" I mean same measured performance as with Xp and the specialized driver and Ahci mode - even in Atto with Q=4 and Q=10. Which is rather normal, as P-Ata had its equivalent to Ncq since Ata5 (=Udma/100).

So the only limit is the absence of Raid with official drivers.


Software written for Xp does NOT necessarily run on W2k. For instance, Kernel.exe and User.dll have more entries on Xp than on W2k. And unfortunately, Intel's Ahci and Raid drivers for Ich9-9r-10-10r do make use of these entries.

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