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Error with copying files during XP install

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dear friends,

im new on this forum, and salute to all!

ive already used hfslip before, but now im getting

a message error that reports the ie8props.propdesc file copying...

if i remove ie8 files from hf folder, i get the same message with

a different file; what can i be doing wrong? im using win7 as host;

thank you in advance...


EDITED: sorry for previous CAPS on title...

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The script wasn't tested on windows 7. The script does not work on Vista. The host PC OS could be the prob. I suppose you could attach the zipped hfslip.log for starters though.

On a sidenote, there are no plans in the works for vista or win7 & hfslip compatibility.

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The PC that I slipstreamed IE8 into Windows XP on only has XP on it. I get that same error message even though I've tried it on three computers and on about 4 different hard drives. IT IS an issue.

BTW... it'd be nice if my MSFN profile would let me be able to choose more than one operating system, it seems so stagnant to have to choose only one.


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For starters, you should bump your list of hotfixes with the stickied post in this forum. For example, I see WMP11 updates, but not the WMP11 installer. Also, there are two similar files: windowsmedia11-kb929399-v2-x86-intl (1).exe and windowsmedia11-kb929399-v2-x86-intl.exe. After you can verify that all your HF files are correct, rerun the script. I suppose you *could* have a bad/broken hotfix file downloaded too, but that's beyond the scope of this forum.

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