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How to integrate custom theme/wallpaper to Vista setup DVD

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(Sorry for double posting, but I only see now there's an "unattended vista" topic. Please remove my other post from "Windows Vista" topic! Thx)

Hey There!

Someone please tell me how to integrate/slipstream a custom wallpaper or theme into Vista unattended?

All I like is to make my favourite wallpaper to Vista default. So after I intall the os I like it to boot up with my custom wallpaper instead of the original!

Please, please help me!

Best Regards,


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You can copy

your theme files to (Mounted WIM Folder)\Windows\Resources\Themes

your wallpaper files to (Mounted WIM Folder)\Windows\Web\Wallpaper

by the way don't forget to copy uxtheme files (to WIM\windows\system32) for your custom themes.

I don't know how to set your default wallpaper and theme but I think you can found it in the forum

(If there is writing errors sorry for English, I'm not English)

Edited by morning
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Yeah I've found how to change default theme.





DLLName (It can be different)

You should edit this sections in Regedit.

You can edit these with WIM Registry Editor from Vista Update Toolkit.

You can also use a reg file.

Wallpapers can be selected from OOBE but I think you can also change them via regedit.

(sorry for English if did error)

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