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BTW, who wants to do translations?


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I've been getting a fair few emails from angry children (Spanish kids mostly, it seems) written in their language complaining that they can't understand the software (wooden spoon prize for logic there; they could have at least used Babelfish).

XPize 4.x had some translations done, xpize 5 will need the same. Right now I've got some string tables that need translating, nothing substantial though. It shouldn't take a native speaker more than 20 minutes or so. Later on in the year I'll have written up some tutorials and guides which will need translating too.

I'll update the installer so it asks you what language to use on the start page

Any takers?

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i don't think that it right to waste time to translate software such XPize to another language coz people who's wanna make with Windows some transformation do understand what they'll do. right? and if kids wanna make these transformation that is mean that they understand what they do. i think so. how it be in english - you can't stay face to anyone?

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WTF? - Why should you learn Spanish, if these kids won't learn English?!?

I mean, you are "wasting" hours and hours just to write the whole programme.

- And now they want you to do the translation of their emails too?!

Well, for this behavior they shouldn't get a spanish version - just for penalty! ;)

20min is no big deal. I will do the German translation.

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I can do a norwegian translation, not that I think there is much demand for it.

I could also make a swedish and danish translation as well, as they are very similar to norwegian,

although that would require a bit more work, so getting somebody who has swedish or danish as their

primary language to do it would be preferable, at least for approval and correction afterwards.

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Thanks for the responses. So I've got:

German - MrBusty

Spanish - Ricktendo

Italian - Smiley89

Scandinavian - Banankrem

That's Europe covered. I might need Portuguese (for the Brazilian fanbase).

The Russians were the first to start warezing xpize 5 (how that's possible, I've no idea, but they've done it anyway) so I'd like a Russian translation for their sake, and I'd like to make inroads into China. I've got a friend from South Korea who speaks Chinese, but I don't know if he'd be available enough (he's currently in Chicago, doing a degree in Dentistry). There are a few other Chinese people I could ask, but I won't approach them until I've got the string tables finalised.

In the meanwhile, I need to figure out how to localise the software in the first place. The WinForms framework has a nice localisation feature built-in to it, but it only works when you play by its rules, and I'm not doing that so I'll need to find another way around it.

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Hi W3bbo, will you contact us via mail when xpize is ready for translation, so that we do not have to check this thread so often?

Thanks, bye

Yes. I'll PM people when I'm ready.

I'm still aiming for next week for a release.

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