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launching apps from freeSSHd


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I'm using freeSSHd on my XP box to allow for secure connections to my commandline. If I connect to my XP machine via freeSSHd from my laptop using putty, and run an executable from that putty window on the laptop, I do not see the program interacting with the desktop of the XP machine at all, but if I look in the taskmanager on the XP machine, the program is running. How can I run a program launched through a freeSSHd session and have it interact with the desktop of the freeSSHd server?

Example: I want to start firefox on the PC running freeSSHd.

1) I connect to my freeSSHd server as the same user who is logged into the desktop on that machine

2) I enter the directory in the file system of the executable I want to run via the 'cd \path\to\firefox' command.

3) I run the program by typing it's name as I would if I were physically logged into the box at the commandline.

4) The program does run if I look in the taskmanager of the freeSSHd server PC, but the program does NOT interact with the desktop. The desired effect is to have it show up on the desktop as if I double-clicked a shortcut for that software on the local machine.

Can someone else give this a try? Just try to run anything that has a graphical front end, like winzip or firefox, etc. If you can start the application through your freeSSHd session AND have it open on your freeSSHd machine's desktop, please let me know what settings you have enabled on your freeSSHd server :)

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