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making a network with ONLY a switch?

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Yes you can, but if you have an internet connection like cable modem or DSL or other that connects to your PC with RJ-45 (8-pin connector resembling a big phone connector), you should instead get a router.

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ok well is their guide on how to make a network with just a switch?

just forget the word "switch".

get the "switch", put on it a really nicely handwritten stick with this text:

This is a switch, but I like to call it "a normally very expensive HUB"

Then connect all your RJ45's to your new HUB, and live forever happily.....;)


P.S.: Read these:



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Do like redxii said and get a router. If you connect a switch to your ISP with 3 PC's, you will get three IP addresses from your ISP. Most ISP's only allow one IP and will bill you for using more. The router will pull one IP and provide NAT, allowing you to connect as many PC's as you want (within reason).

On a side note, switches and hubs are different. Think of a switch as a cloverleaf freeway interchange and a hub as a 4-way stop.

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