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AMD Cooling Solution?


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Blue orb:

P/N A1132

Fan Dimension 60x60x25 mm

Rated Voltage 12VDC

Started Voltage 7VDC

Power Input 1.8W

FAN Speed 4900±10% RPM

Max. Air Flow 32CFM

Noise 31dBA

Current 0.15AMP

Interface Material Bergquist 225U

Dimensions 69 dia mm x 79 mm tall

Bearing System Ball Bearing

Life Time 50,000 hours

Connector 3 PIN

Thermalright SK-6 Heatsink:

2 choices..........

1. SK-6 with YS Tech 60x25mm, 40cfm fan


2. SK-6 with Delta 60x25mm, 30CFM fan

Now to get an idea of which one is quiter you should base it on the CFM. So i would say the quitest one would be the Thermalright SK-6 Heatsink with the Delta 60x25mm


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i run a duron 750 at 950 stable as you like. idles at 22 case 23 and loads at 33

it works for me, just don't be afraid to mod for airflow. quiet too.

has to be i use m comp for HD recording

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Xperties, I noticed your link to coolerguys.com so I went there and found a lot of nice items for cooling. I was wondering if you, or anyone else knew how the Zalman CNPSCU 6000 performed, it looks big and flashy but it's solid copper and I could use some serious cooling without using water. Someone please let me know how this thing performs....


Go Blue Team!!!:blueteam

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