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cryengine 3 and the next crysis


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Hi guys :hello: i am a new here and wanted to hang out and hear what you guys have to say about the next crysis. I recently saw the demo of the new cryengine 3. What really caught my attention was that it was in a city street and an ally. Does this mean that the next crysis will be in the town setting with buildings, streets and stuff? I remember the cryengine2 demo was in a jungle, actually it was part of the first crysis.

I think this will really rock because we have a new story and especially if it's going to be as action packed as warhead.

What do you guys think of having the next crysis in a city?

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I read somewhere there are 3 new games that Crytek are working on which will probably be using that engine. And yeah they are going to have all sorts of different environments in there :) Looking forward to it!

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CryEngine 3 is interesting, I think, in that it's designed such that it's not really as powerful as CryEngine 2, but can be more efficient on less resources (it was built primarily to target 360 and PS3, neither of which is powerful enough for CryEngine 2). Most of what I've read states that CE3 is "about equivalent to CE2 on Medium settings". Not a bad place to be, but a little bit of an *odd* place to be, considering the usual evolution of game engines.

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