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Possible Bug nLite

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While trying to remove drivers(any) from XP / PRO / VL / x64, setup -> files copy hang with an error "unable to copy file msg732.acm"

even if the file found inside /I386/ folder it is looking for it inside /AMD64 folder.

copying the above file into /AMD64/ folder solve the problem.

the issue is that the above file not belong to /AMD64/ folder.

while not sure, i think that it is an nLite bug. only with x64.

did anyone else experienced it?

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alfa1, I doubt you have found a bug in nLite. I run XP x64 and have no such problem. I suspect you have run nLite more than once against the same source. Please attach (not paste) your Last Session.ini. Make sure to always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders, do all your work in one nLite session and integrate only one SP. Enjoy, John.

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I see this is the answer to almost any problem. But if nLite always needs a fresh copy then that in itself is a bug. If I told you your doc files need to be written in 1 session from scratch all the time, is that reasonable? Or your movies must be watched 100% at a time, no pause/ff/rwd?

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You are comparing simple stuffs with complicated. Editing Windows is not easy. Here is example why you should not run nLite in only one season.

Example: You are removing 3 components in 2 seasons. You just selected two and nLite removed it. Now you run nLite again and you remove third component. Now, this third component removed something which is necessary for other stuffs. And this happened because nLite can't predict all combination which user may choose. Maybe if those components were combined together in one season nLite would not remove some necessary file because now it can know that removing can cause the problem when that combination is selected.

Maybe this is not very good example, but you should figure what's the point.

Cheers ;)

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Birds, you are welcome to watch your movies in pieces, backward or forward. And you can run nLite multiple times against the same source. Doing so almost certainly will lead to myriad varied and often bizarre problems. But, of course, you are welcome to try it. If you do and end up posting a problem, please, please, report that you have UP FRONT, so we can respond appropriately. If you think this is a bug, that is your privilege, but it will not be fixed any time soon if ever. It has been discussed many times here including with nuhi (author/owner). He does not think it is a bug. Enjoy, John.

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