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Revolutions Pack 9.7

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I installed rp9 over the old uberskin 8.3.6.

Nothing older

EDIT: KernelEX 0.36 was the problem.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled RP9. voyetra and affected parts from aureal vortex driver are working again(and the two files related are back).

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RP9/KEx4 Me/98SE2ME conflict fixed as of RP 9.0.10 refresh!


When I install just RP9, everything works with no problem.

When I then install KernelEx 4.0 RC1, Norton Protected Recycle Bin from Norton Utilities ( in Norton SystemWorks 2005 crashes with an invalid page fault in module <unknown>.

Shortly after this, Explorer will have a BSOD and recovery is not possible.

If I install KernelEx on it's own, it works with no problem.

If I then install Revolutions Pack 9, RP9 does not work properly (as alerted at install time).

When I deinstall and reinstall KernelEx as suggested by RP9 install message, I'm back to the same crash...

I'm not sure if it's a conflict caused by RP or KEx.

...try later with kex4 RC2 and drwatson open.

I have been running KEx 4.0 RC2.

Same problem with RP9/KEx4.

I attempted to run Dr Watson...

It starts okay, but when the above mentioned crash occurs, Dr Watson starts logging the fault and then crashes itself (no error and no log).

After this, the Windows Shell is very unstable and soon hangs up completely with no chance of rescue with the three-finger-salute.

However, the mouse pointer still moves around, so it looks like the Windows Kernel is okay (me thinks? - strange that Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work...)

Currently I'm running with only KernelEx 4.0 RC2 and all is good...

Revolutions Pack 9 also works well on it's own...

But together... Some kind of conflict...

If I do not run NPROTECT.EXE (Norton Protected Recycle Bin) at all with both RP9 and KEx4, I get crashes very soon in Explorer or something else.

Every time its a page fault in module <unknown>.

This leads me to conclude that it's not specifically a problem relating to Norton Utilities, but more a general conflict with RP9 and KEx4.

Individually, RP9 and KEx4 are really awesome!

Keep up the great work Tihiy - doing wonders to Windows 9x! :)

Norton Protected Recycle Bin from Norton Utilities 2002 ( crashes
You mean Norton Utilities 2005, right?

Yes and no...

I've changed the original post - see quote above which is more correct.

The actual Norton Utilities files are almost the same as Norton Utilities 2002, but with some tweaks/fixes and new version numbers in some files...

Symantec really did very little with Norton Utilities after 2002 when they bundled it with SystemWorks, so I always think of 2002 as the last real change...

Technically of course I'm wrong...

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Attached to this post are the Win XP Homestead and Metallic schemes. These are subthemes for the current Luna one and rely on some of its images, so be sure to dump them in there. If you unpack it to the Themes folder it should go where it belongs.

Regs for the schemes are in the corresponding folders. Shouldn't be to difficult to muddle out.


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Here's the original (aka boring) Microsoft Watercolor schemes. Just to warn, they are very minimalistic. Comes in Blue, darker blue, green, grey, red, yellowish, and purple.


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I installed RP9 on the next 98se computer. I selected XP theme and picked out all effects. Unfortunately 2 problems appeared after rebooting. Both of them are related to ClearType in my opinion. First one refers to some of the desktop icons and drives icons in My Computer window, which got an odd black shadow.

Second problem is change of icons in Groupwise email client and some icons on the desktop toobar. Toolbar and folder icons faded away. As I experienced similar case few days ago on my home 98SE I decided to clear windows and groupwise iconcache because it helped to recreate correct favicons in my K-meleon browser before.

It was easy to locate and delete iconcache.dat from K-meleon directory, but I didn't manage to clear windows system iconcache.

I hope it would help. Any other solution?





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Any other solution?
That's mixture of bugs you have there! There is a bug in dibeng/32-bit icon module which you somehow trigger. I'll try to find how... Stick to 16-bit icons or remove 32-bit icons at all then.

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Hi, Tihiy!

The tray still flickers... (issue reported here by me and by Whatever420).

I'd really like to know your thoughts about it.

BTW, ktm8 reports USER, GDI and SYS resources.

AFAIK, the free SYSTEM resources are equal to the lesser value between USER and GDI.

Since what I see makes no sense with the above definition, what does SYS in ktm8 represent?

You rock! :thumbup

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RP7 had a lot more windows functionality, why deos RP9 not have them (Things like expanding Control Panel in Start Menu, Improved Add/Remove replaceing normal Add/rtemove etc)

Auto Patcher gives me replacement Add/Rewmoive but does not make it default, RP7 did.

Can you add these features again because combined with these new ones whoa that would be amazing

Oh RP7 had fadeing menues but you selected it in display properties...


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Things like expanding Control Panel
You can install ME shell with 98SE2ME yourself.

Other features will certainly return sometime.

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Is it possible to add RP9 to Win98FE
No stupid questions please. First post answers you.

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"Other features will certainly return sometime"

Oh, in that case I can't wait till RP 10 :)


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Here's a small glitch : some programs which do not contain 32bits icons have problems displaying reduced (16px) icons.

Here's an exemple with Acrobat Reader 5.5.


The same happens with Winamp 3 in quicklaunch, when using the 4th icon avaible.

Hope you can fix it because using 32bits icons everywhere (even on alt-tab / when moving icons around) is amazing.

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Hi Tihiy, hi group,

Congratulations with the release! RP9 rocks hard. In particular,

I like the way you handle the icons, Tihiy. I am working on the

extension of the standard icon sets right now. I am making the

necessary adjustments to my original icon pack, so it will run

smoothly with the RP9 icon-changing mechanism.

I will release as soon as possible. There will be a Control Panel

for all icon themes, too!

Here are my requests for improvement:

* The clock in the task bar is not skinned yet, but this has been

reported already.

* The Windows Explorer toolbar is not displaying correctly, but I suspect

this has something to do with me not wanting to upgrade to IE 6 :sneaky:

* I've seen the beautiful smoothing and alpha-blending effects on glocK's

system (hi glocK), but my Graphics card (Intel 82810 Graphics Controller)

only supports 24-bit True Color, so "Shell Icon BPP"="32" does

nothing for me :unsure:





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