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Access 2000 slow on XP


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Okay, so I'm running Office 2000 Premium under Windows XP, and when I scroll through the menus or type in the name for a new object in Access, it just seems sluggish. Any ideas? By the way, this only happens in Access; other Office applications are fine.

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Ain't gonna swear to this, but I think there's some issues with pre-OfficeXP in WinXP (and up). It may have to do with (?) some of the files installed into the System-type folders (or not installed?). ActiveX, certain DLL's, etc.

From experience, pre-Office2000 on 98/98SE/ME tends to hose some of them, especially Office95 and older. This is why MS recommends upgrading to OfficeXP (and up) on WinXP; they really don't want to support them.

For the heck of it, go to the Office website (I think office-dot-microsoft-dot-com) and make sure you have all of the updates (while they're still available). May "cure" ya!

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