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Modifing Vista X64 Ultimate


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I was reading the vlite history...

vLite 1.1.6 beta - SP Slipstream

Important notes:

- slipstreaming x64 SP from x86 host is not supported, you need x64 host

I have searched the forums and found nothing.

Has the new vLite 1.2 RC addressed this ?

I have Vista X64 Ultimate.

I have a Gateway GM5424 x86 machine.

What are the current requirements ?

Can I use Vlite to dissect and slipstream Vista X64 Ultimate on a x86 machine ?

Or do I absolutely need a x64 machine to slipstream a Vista x64.


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Your machine support 64bit instructions for sure. Has Core2Duo processor. So it is not "x86" machine. You need 64bit compatible operating system to slipstream Vista 64bit. It is needed for integration of hotfixes and language files, not needed for drivers integration and components removal. Cheers :-)

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