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Changing time cursor must rest on screen edge before activating Quick


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Im running Windows 98SE (actually 98SE2ME) and two mice, one is a right hand mouse and one is left hander. Unfortunately, the scroll wheel does not work on the left hand mouse, forcing me to use the scroll bars for scrolling. I have three quick launch toolbars, one docked to the top, one docked to the left side of the screen and one docked to the right side of the screen. The quick launch toolbars are all set to autohide and always on top.

When using an application in full screen mode, I frequently overshoot the inside edge of the up and down scroll bar, activating the quick launch toolbar on the right hand side of the screen.

Is there any method of increasing the time the cursor must stay on the quick launch bar to activate it?

If you had to have the cursor on the right side of the screen for somewhere between 1/2 sec and 1 sec before the quick launch toolbar came up, it would probably solve the problem.

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