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Hi all. I'm coming here as kinda a last resort as i have spent the last couple of days trying everything i know and exhausted the internet and myself trying to find an answer! Still, my problem remains.

I have 3 laptops all using XP SP3. Without going into to much detail and boring you all, everything i will be using needs to be mobile, as such routers etc are not an option. What i need to do is share the internet from laptop 1 to laptop 2 and then onto laptop 3. Laptop 2 is only being used as a link so no-one will actually be using that laptop. I know the obvious answer is why not just didtch laptop 2 and connect 1 and 3 together? Yes this would be easy but without going into it all too much, this is also not an option.

Laptop 1 and 2 both use Alfa 500mW network adaptors as their secondary connection. This can be setup in a Ad-Hoc enviroment or they have the capability to be used as Access Points. In my testing i have found at range the AP to be a lot more reliable.

So far i am at this stage, Laptop 1 recieves internet through onboard card, this is then shared to the Alfa network card. Laptop 2 then connects to the Alfa on laptop 1 (AP mode). Laptop 2 now has internet.

Can anyone advise me the best way to share this to the 3rd laptop. Internet connection sharing on laptop 2 isnt an option as the adaptor will get the ip, conflicting with the adaptor on laptop 1. I looked into ad-hoc networks but only seem to get a whole heap of trouble. Mainly, if the ad hoc network goes down, it never reconnects regardless of settings. The only way to fix this is to reboot which is not going to be an option when in the workplace.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

Knd regards.

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