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Since apparently everyone thinks nlite is absolutely perfect and has no suggestions for additional features :P ... as evidenced by the lack of a sticky topic containing the words "feature requests" I figured I'd start one. I'm sure someone will move this to the no doubt already well developed (yet completely hidden) thread.

For Clarity: I'm not asking for tech support on my issue.

I'm sure everyone would just point me to tutorials or Google or the bevy of other SOP answers ranging from well meaning to trollish. All of which I feel I've exhausted. But having given up after three solid days I have a fantasy in my mind of how I wish it had worked. And I wanted to share my vision. :)


Feature I would like to see:

At the end of the process, when it says, burn or create image, why not add "Flash Drive" or "External Hard Drive" to that list?


I see 68 billion tutorials on how to accomplish install xp from usb generally, many of which mention nlite, and thousands of people claiming success, so clearly there is demand other than my own.

I'm told it's flat out impossible to turn a bootable iso into a bootable USB stick. The only solution being a conversion process. The simplest of which calls itself winsetupfromUSB 0.1.1 (Official page? Author? where to go for updates if any? src?) But I simply can't make it work, invariably it bluescreens just after the initial loading phase of setup.

So, I guess what I'm going to do is just be happy with cds, and invest in an external USB cdrom drive eventually.

P.S. I LOVE nlite, the app is just insanely useful and very user friendly, especially considering what it accomplishes.

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Apparently as long as it took you to not read my whole post?

See, what took three days was TRYING various tutorials and hitting the exact same brick wall, having gotten there from multiple points. Not finding them, which is as easy as finding amputees in Iraq.

Besides, the point of this post is not tech support of my issue, but a feature request, since I can't find a list of them.

Did "Feature Requests" give you an official place to mention such things and I over looked it? If so, I'll happily do what I can to remedy the situation. If not, I'd prefer that you offer either something constructive or nothing at all.

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if possible I'd like to see :

1) an option to change\update\modify the default user icons instead of only being able to turn them off

2) an option for changing the OS name in the operating system choices menu (aside from editing the boot.ini post install) It gets annoying when you have like four nlited copies of "Windows XP Professional" that you're testing.

3) perhaps a listing on the first page to tell where the iso's are saved to (i lost the bloody thing earlier today and had to go through the entire process to find out that it was saving the iso to the partition root.)

3.5) a way to go straight from loading the source folder to burning the iso (unless I just didn't fool around with it enough to find out how)

4) a setting to make not only the Start menu\Programs open on left click but also the Start menu\Programs\subfolders and obviously the subfolders of those subfolders and so on and so on.


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Above all, what I'd like to see right now in nLite is the ability to set the name of a preset before it actually saves a preset called "Last Session". I reference a previous preset in all my builds and more often than not, I have to manually pick through the INI files (in nLite\Presets) of previous builds in order to find the one I'm thinking of. If it would just pop up a box (or maybe a page of the wizard)... or something similar to ImgBurn's "You forgot to give this compilation a title!" dialog box... then I'd have a much more organized system. Perhaps a box with "Last Session" prefilled in it, or something.

Also, if Nuhi is still developing nLite, the "burn directly to disc" has a bug in it regarding burning to DVD+RW discs... they don't boot, they don't work at all! I have to build and burn the disc with ImgBurn in order for DVD+RW's to work properly. I highly prefer DVD+RW's because they have bad-sector detection (and they almost _never_ go bad after hundreds of burns and tons of scratches) and they don't require an erase prior to burning. It's probably just a simple bug like improper session closing or something! But it could use fixing :)

Just my $0.02

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Arent you supposed to use some boot loader to point to xp.bin (being XP cd boot sector) to load it from USB flash based drive? Like cdshell or eazyboot or syslinux based bootloader?

Well you made me think, so I will try to build AIO flashdrive based version to see if it is possible.

@Volatus cant you just rename .ini file after finishing nliting process?

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@Volatus, since I learned about booting my VM directly from an ISO file, I have not burned a DVD. But, before that, I burned many a DVD+RW with Direct Burn in nLite, never having a problem. I do not believe there is a bug in nLite. I did, however, ALWAYS erase my DVD+RW first. Enjoy, John.

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