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Pings faster then 1/s?


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Is there a commercial application that will allow one to send pings at a greater frequency then 1/s? I found the shareware "TruePing" which does the trick, but was hoping to find something that had formal support.

I want to perform a simple test to measure Round Trip Time on a link to evaluate the effects of increasing traffic. I need enough measurements to be statistically significant hence want a faster ping rate available so I can gather data in a reasonable time.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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You cannot "get" a faster ping. A ping is the time it takes for a packet of data to get from your pc, to the destination interface and back. Ping statistics are at the mercy of the ever changing traffic across the internet. You can have a reasonably consistent response time, but there are too many factors involved.

FYI I highly doubt that anything that claims to "increase your ping" has any effect whatsoever.

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