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Windows XP power manager


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Hello, I have a XP Professional 32-bit installed on a HP 6820s, and keeping in mind that it's a pretty hot-running laptop I'd like to find a utility (preferably freeware) which can, in short, give me few customizable profiles, for very low cpu (and all other components) usage, a medium one, and a maximum one. Something like Vista has, really missing it in XP.

Thanks in advance!

(p.s. already tried, but not satisfied: SpeedSwitch XP)

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XP should be able to downclock your processor with a proper driver and your video card with a proper driver and adjust automatically based on demand and power source. Power scheme set to "Portable/Laptop". XP was released in 2001/2002, it lacks among other things any power management options and support for PCI Express that are present in Vista. As far XP is concerned your video card is a regular ol' 33MHz PCI card.

For the processor you can check Device Manager and view the processor's properties, the driver that shouldn't be in use is "processr.sys".

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