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Problem after uninstalling xpize


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I'm in trouble. After uninstalling xpize I always get the message that windows does not find the ordinal 421 in the urlmont.dll

I work with windows xp (home) update 3. How can I correct the problem? With luck I still can load programs but I don't get the desktop screen, it just stays blue.

I tried to reinstall xpize but without success.

Thanks for your help,


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Try using System Restore, but if that doesn't work I'm afraid you'll have to reinstall Windows.

Did you install SP3 before or after you installed XPize? Since SP3 replaces many system files outright uninstalling XPize would restore the older versions of these files which are incompatible with SP3, hence why it fails.

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This raises an interesting question with XPize 5 coming soon.

I installed XPize 4.7 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 ages ago -- and love it. Since then I installed XP SP3, but I did not uninstall XPize before the SP3 upgrade. Had to install the UXTender.exe to allow unsigned themes with SP3 but that was painless and worked fine.

But now it appears I won't be able to upgrade to XPize 5, since uninstalling XPize 4.7 will restore all the old Win SP2 DLLs. And I can't got back to the SP3 install restore point -- I would lose 6 months worth of work. :no:

I can't be the only one in this boat. I wonder if the XPize 5 developers have thought about this and created some workaround.

Thoughts anyone?

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Installing xpize 5 will not require you to uninstall xpize 4.7; just install it on top of what you've already got.

To avoid this from happening in future, the uninstaller will work differently (rather than just copying the files back (which is what causes this problem in the first place)), I'm still thinking of a solution but I believe an intelligent version or hash comparison can ensure files are only copied back if they haven't since been modified, and if they have it will prompt the user for the right action to take.

xpize 5 requires XP computers to have SP3 installed before it does anything, and Vize 2 will require NT6 SP1.

Besides, why would anyone want to uninstall xpize? ;)

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Excellent, that sounds great. Looking forward to XPize V5. :thumbup

On a related topic, if I click "Force Reload" with XPize 4.7, does that just reload XPize image resources to repair/update XPize? Or does it restore old DLLs as we discussed above?

On my brother's machine, I can't get into the Control Panel -- System Properties. It gives message something like 'missing icon or image'. Wondering if a Reload XPize would fix that.

Please excuse the basic question. I could not find a Help document for XPize.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

~ John

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