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Changing Folder Thumbnail.......once again!


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this question has been asked so many times and i have read it so many times and i feel like a noobe.......only that i have been modding xp for the last 7 years.

Okay getting back to the real problem.....i have changed the folder thumbnail so many times by reshacking the shell32.dll but now i have moved on to 128 x 128 icons on a large display.

For this to work the folder thumbnail icon has to be of the largest size so i used to make it 128 x 128 but now that i have 128 x 128 as the standard size for all icons the folder in icon view too is replaced by the folder thumbnail icon.I tried making it 256 x 256 but it doesnt get inserted into shell32.dll.....which i think is coz XP doesnt support that size.......

I tried 180 x 180 and it worked ....i can now see 180 x 180 size icon in the shell32.dll but its not showing in the thumbnail view..tried everything like rebooting,rebuilding icon cache

has anyone tried this with 128 x 128 icons and get it to work??

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