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Installing Windows 7 PRE-Beta 6956


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Hello everbody,

Since i use (bloated) Vista (and ofcourse hate it!) i want to try testing Windows7.

Though i got 1 obstacle which maybe someone can help me with.

I tried installing now for several times but everytime it gives me the same error message:

I downloaded 3 iso's but all give me the same error message.

I'm using Vmware Workstation v6.5 (dunno if this got something to do with it)


Hope someone can help me with this problem, so i can maybe even remove Vista :)

THanks & regards,


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If you are using an Autoattend.xml file, it may have an error in it. Use the WSIM in the WAIK installation to validate Autoattend.xml. If you have a functioning one that you used with Vista, that one should work fine with Windows 7.

Additionally, last I heard, build 6956 was only in VHD format; your ISO may not be authentic.

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