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burning audio files


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WMA are NOT "audio CD" files. They are compressed and roughly the same size as MP3 files so you can put typically more than 100 wma or MP3 on a 700MB CD. That CD will be a DATA cd and can be read by computers or newer "cd player" that state "WMA" or "MP3".

Devices that can only read AUDIO cd will only accept wav files and at a given sampling frequency. Those can only contain ~20 files (an equivalent of 80 minutes for a 700MB cd)

=> DATA CD: 700MB

=> AUDIO CD: 80min.

Before burning, you choose audio or data cd mode.

You can indeed burn WMA or MP3 files to an audio cd but the program will (transparently) convert them for you and they won't appear as wma/mp3 on the resulting cd.

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Great post Ponch :-)

Audio CDs are basically WAV files, which are not 'encoded', however their quality can differ based on resolution (bit), number of channels, and sampling frequency (Hz). They are burned to an audio cd as tracks on the disc and therefor use space directly proportional to their length in time; there is no filesystem or files like on a data disc.


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usually one can burn around 15 to 20 audio files(wma) on a 700mb cd.

is ther any way to put more audio files into the cd. wma not mp3 or ogg coz my cd player does not support em.


Yes. Get a larger CD. 800 or 850mb ones are floating around.I don't know how you'll find them since few people use these CDs since DVD-R became a cheap storage solution.

You can also cut the empty audio space at the beginning and end of each track.

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