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installing new winxp


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Why get updates from elsewhere? And why install the old crappy RTM (pre-SP1) too? Slipstream SP3 in your old disc and install using that. WU should have the subsequent updates.

Vista works fine too (assuming you have a "modern" box).

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well i m tryin to install winxp wihtout the service pack.but how or where can i get updates apart from microsoft site for the windows xp ...

There are two very important reasons to NOT install plain WinXP anymore (no service packs, aka SP0, aka Gold) and, to NOT install WinXP with only SP1 ...

* SP1 enables 48 bit LBA addressing for drives larger than 137 GB. Your 48-bit aware BIOS is not enough by itself. To cut to the chase, WinXP without service packs is comparable to Win9x in this regard and is not safe with any HDD larger than the usual 120 GB retail drives (regardless of how many partitions one creates). Note: this is absolutely true for PATA drives, but there are still mixed opinions on SATA and USB adapted drives. Microsoft is of no help to us here as usual, so I say: play it safe and assume no large drive should be used prior to SP1.

* SP1a does away with the Microsoft Java Machine (call this the post-lawsuit service pack). Since Java apps are ubiquitous these days, and since MS Java was their failed attempt at a Java Runtime client to support all those Java apps, installing any WinXP prior to this service pack may install or allow the eventual installation of MS Java which you do not want. It can be poison to modern Java apps like Yahoo IM or even Opera. On a side note, do not try to install Aol 9.0 (and probably many other apps) on WinXP prior to SP1a either as they will likely plop the MS Java onto your system (if it is not already there). The Sun JRE Java Runtime is now the proper base for Java apps.

SP2 and SP3 have a long list of reasons to be installed, and very few reasons not to. But if you must skip them for whatever reason you should not skip those first two! If you have a SP0 or SP1 disc, slipstream it with the later Service Packs. There are countless threads here and elsewhere to guide you through it. My advice is to use SP3 as your minimum nowadays. The post-SP3 updates are piling up now and even a fresh SP3 install gets tons of hits on WindowsUpdate.

... or do u advise me to install win vista?

Not I Sir. Then who Sir? Number two Sir. Not I Sir. Then who Sir? Number three Sir ... :whistle: Sorry, an old drinking game comes to mind for some reason everytime I see that question.

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