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I beg u to death to help me with this, I can`t stand it anymore


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I have a virus

I can`t remove it

by any means!

and I never felt of stress like that before!

(nor felt as weak as I am today!)


I want to install XP 64-bit

but it gives me an error talking about drives.. so I guessed that its because Drivers are not avaiblable..

I`ve searched for the drivers on the internet, but can`t find them (specifically talking about the HDD related drivers)

here is the list of the drivers I should get (I think you can find which are related to the problem)


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Driver Description SAMSUNG HM160HI ATA Device

Hard Disk Family SpinPoint M5S

Formatted Capacity 160 GB

Form Factor 2.5"

Interface SATA

Product Information http://www.samsung.com/products/harddiskdrive/index.htm

I bet u dun need more info???!

If this info doesn`t work, then what kind of info should I bring?

By the way, The link provided won`t work.. so I`ve searched for the correct link, and here it is:


Driver is available... but! its exe format.. and I guess its also 16-bit (since its for DOS)

and what I know is that drivers are in .INF format (at least not exe!)

so this exe file won`t work for me.. what should I do?

I want a driver file to integrate with the XP copy I got using nLite

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We don't need to know the type of hard drive we need to know the type of CONTROLLER.

What is the make and model # of your motherboard?

If you dunno open your case and take out a torch (Flashlight) and then tell us what it says on it.

Yes there is a SH*TLOAD of tiny writing but we need the bigger writing, it will say something like Gigabyte, MSI, whatever.

Then on another place will be a random set of numbers and letters we need those 2.

If all else fails then take a GOOD pic of the mobo with everything out of the way (Video card, cables and such) DO NOT remove the CPU!

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Field Value

Motherboard Properties

Motherboard ID <DMI>

Motherboard Name Dell Vostro1510

Front Side Bus Properties

Bus Type Intel AGTL+

Bus Width 64-bit

Real Clock 198 MHz (QDR)

Effective Clock 793 MHz

Bandwidth 6346 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties

Bus Type Intel Direct Media Interface

Motherboard Manufacturer

Company Name Dell Computer Corporation

Product Information http://www.dell.com

BIOS Download http://support.dell.com

I`ve removed some info. since u def. won`t need them.. well, the info is about "Memory Bus Properties"

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