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Slipstreaming Vista Updates from Network Share

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Actually to let you know I use to execute update files over the network during the installation. Actually, the process is extremely easy. In WSIM, import the packages into the packages folder of the distribution share. Then, just drag them into the AutoUnattend file. Basically, this just adds an entry in the unattend file to install the packages that you imported. There are two bad things about this process though:

1. You need to be mapped to the server or add credentials to every update. What I did to solve this was bootup using a WinPE boot disk, and set the Startnet.cmd file to map the drive and execute the setup over the network. So my setup files were sourced at the same mapped network drive as the packages.

2. The install takes substantially longer depending on the number of updates. The updates take a lot longer to install each update. I was doing this before SP1 was released, and so it got to a point where I felt it saved me more time to slipstream the updates everytime a new patch came out rather then watching the installs increase exponetially with each update.

However, if you feel like this is the best option for you, please feel free to respond with any questions you may have. I spent an entire summer on this stuff, so I feel like I could help you set up a process very easily.

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