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Eboostr Autoit Script


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Hi, anyone have the script for eboostr, i try to make one, but i don´t know what is wrong, the script dont pass the frist selection of the program.

this is the only i write for the script

$title = "Setup - Eboostr"


WinWait($title, "Installer Language")

ControlClick($title, "Please select a language.", "OK", "button1")

If somebody got the script for this program please send me. Or can anyone help me, thx.

Sorry for my english :blushing:

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Hi yocarim

Your code seems OK up to the ControlClick function. The parameters of ControlClick is shown below and I will describe the parameters of concern.

ControlClick ( "title", "text", controlID [, button [, clicks [, x [, y ]]]] )

You seem to have the "title" and "text" parameters correct. The controlID can be the text of the control such as being "OK", or can be the ClassnameNN such as being "Button1" (ensure text case is correct) or if needed advanced uses such as class, handle and so on. The "button" parameter can only be "", "left", "middle", "right", "primary", "main", "secondary" or "menu" thus your value used seems incorrect.

Perhaps try this

ControlClick($title, "Please select a language.", "OK")

or try this

ControlClick($title, "Please select a language.", "Button1")

I would not use the optional parameters unless you absolutely need to use them.

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Thx MHz

I try but dont work, maybe the problem is the installer have a combo box for the lenguage, but the lenguage is automatic detected.



And the autoit windows info show that:


I dont know what i can do :wacko:

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Try replace 3rd & 4th line code with this:

WinWaitActive ("Installer Language", "Please select a language.")

ControlClick("Installer Language", "Please select a language.", "OK")

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This example is based off the beta installer so text maybe different but same conditions should apply.


$title = 'eBoostr 3.0 (BETA) Setup'


; handle the language window if appears and choose english

WinWait($title, 'Welcome to the eBoostr')
ControlClick($title, 'Welcome to the eBoostr', '&Next >')

; disable use of Adlib function

WinWait($title, 'License Agreement')
ControlClick($title, 'License Agreement', 'I &Agree')

; you can finish the code


Func _Language()
If WinExists('Installer Language', 'Please select a language') Then
ControlCommand('Installer Language', 'Please select a language', 'ComboBox1', 'SelectString', 'English')
If StringInStr(WinGetText('Installer Language', 'Please select a language'), 'English') Then
ControlClick('Installer Language', 'Please select a language', 'OK')

I used #RequireAdmin as UAC in Vista requires it to allow automation to happen. The script is incomplete but it handles the 1st 3 windows and you can complete it if you wish. :)

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