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Firefox3 and Chrome constant crashing


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As much as I love Firefox I am falling for Chrome hard. I just hope they come out with something like adblock.

After looking past days into Google Chrome- with its much better purported perf.

FYI: if you haven't seen-

..GoogleChrome/support/forums.. et al

It seems some big update/ revisions are needed for a Stable Chrome !

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Has Google fixed the phone home/recording everything you do issue yet?

LOL! As if there's even a chance of that happening. Do you expect them to allow ad blockers too? ;)

Keeping your life's history on a gigantic cluster and serving ads is what they do. I don't expect them to change their ways anytime soon.

The whole point of Chrome was to try to replace browsers that more or less all have ad blockers these days (like Firefox with adblock plus, opera's built-in one, or even IE8's new privacy mode thing). It's understandable an advertising company is trying to prevent the death of their business model (I'd call that grasping at straws), and to stop even financing tools that work against them (like funding Firefox development, when most users end up installing ABP).

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