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How to: Custom iPhone Ringtones


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I just posted a guide on how to do this in the guides section, for anyone who wants to do this.

ill add images and improve the guide if needed.


Attached is an example ringtone / alarm sound i made using this method.

To use it, download bugle.zip to your pc, and extract the bugle.m4r file from the zip. Then drag and drop the bugle.m4r file into itunes (or do File > Add file To Library... from within iTunes). Next, with your iPhone attached to the PC/Mac, select your device in iTunes and click the Ringtones tab, make sure the Bugle ringtone is displayed and that "sync all" is selected, or select the file individually in the selection box, now sync your iphone, the tone will show up in your phone under Settings > Sounds


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13 minutes ago, Tripredacus said:

Why, you can't do this thing? Text your email address. Reply to the email with a .wav or .mp3 attached. Then you get that on your phone, save and set it?

But how to get the best quality .wav or .mp3? :unsure:

And of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, OP might be among the 200 people in the word that actually like "The Most Unwanted Song":



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