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[Tool] NAR - Nero Application Remover


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Small problem with the NAR 1.24

I noticed that if you use the option "select languages to remove" leaving only the Italian, when I start the executable file Nero.exe, it starts to settle, then at some point the installation stops.

Instead doing the test without touching the "select languages" the file is installed properly.

You can solve this problem?

Thank you

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i proved it good software work fine with the beta but i did it the sfx package with 7z to reduce from 230 to 187 mg so i safe like 50 mg of space.

Great Work anyway keeping working on it. :thumbup

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yes x64 version of 7-zip..

new x64 version of extractor works fine:-) thx x-shadow-x

used the nar.exe and removed apps and languages , then pressed create sfx and now i have an nero.exe in nero folder, is it right?

how can i install this "sfx?" normally?

thx for answering:-)

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